June 20, 2009

Hidden iPhone 3.0 OS feature - sync multiple mail folders

I know I'm not a typical user, but it seems that I often suffer from little details in interfaces that no one else seems to care about. For 2 years, I have been bothered multiple times every day that iPhone doesn't automatically sync multiple folders. Sure, your inbox can get fetched or pushed to your device. But I use filters so I have special folders where some incoming email gets immediately diverted to. The only way I could know if any new mail was waiting for me in those folders was to navigate to those folders and wait for the device to update the folder. Yuck.

Finally, iPhone 3.0 OS lets you select which folders you can manually sync.


Gamut said...

Looks awesome. How do I get to that screen?

Ben Bederson said...

Whoops - looks like this only works for Exchange accounts (in which case you get to this straight from the Settings->Mail, Contacts, Calendars->Accounts screen.